Why A Start-up Of Selling Hair Extensions

For start-ups of, for example of home based small businesses, it is not easy to obtain information on how to set up a business, a lot is available through Google or Yahoo, but in most cases that information is fragmented or not specific enough.

With this contribution I wanted to make a start with some business articles for a specific branch, the selling of hair extensions, wholesale or retail.

Why did I chose for hair extensions and not for dairy products, simply because hair extensions are a growing business with for a part similar dynamics as gold and silver, namely real human hair is scarce (especially for those where the donors are located in emerging markets, like Brazil), and that makes it very interesting. How to deal with a natural product that only increases in value over time in an economically difficult period.

Women who start up the business will be in most cases in an advantage as they know by their own experience how to determine the best quality and they can really test any new product by putting the hair extensions in. And this is directly one of the most important issues in selling any product or service, you need to know your product! It is so much easier to sell hair extensions that you have been wearing yourself and put in the ultimate stress test of day to day life. Rain, sun, little time to maintain and to sleep with it, will it tangle and how to maintain it?

But except for the product, woman also have great knowledge of the emotions involved in buying hair extensions. Hair extensions are again not like a bottle of milk, but hair extensions will make your day, will make you feel successful and will make you feel attractive. You can face all the misery of the world as long as your hair looks good!

This in depth knowledge about the product and the emotions when buying hair extensions are essential to be able to select the right product to sell. As there are so many different types of hair extensions based upon origin, texture and quality, focus is needed. Its better to be in the position to disappoint a client because you do not sell hair extensions from a specific texture or origin, then to lose a client because you sold bad quality hair.

The knowledge about the hair extensions can also be used in the purchasing process, it will help to differentiate between the uncountable suppliers of hair extensions. Although many suppliers offer hair extensions at whole sale prices on the internet, to start your business it is more secure to buy (perhaps at a higher price) at a local or regional wholesaler. You need to test, to feel and to see the hair extensions before you buy, as otherwise you might run the risk to put your whole business capital at risk with your first purchase of 5 kilo of bad hair.