Water – A Top Beauty Secret

Top models confess, it is not a secret cream or potion which keeps them beautiful with healthy looking glowing skin, nothing so mysterious. The top beauty secret known by all beautiful belles is: maintaining adequate hydration.

For the average adult, drinking 6-8 8oz glasses of water, or other naturally non-caffeinated drinks per day, keep the insides working and the outside glowing.

Some signs that you might not be getting enough of the good stuff for optimal good health are:

1. Dark concentrated urine. The urine should be odorless and almost colorless. 2. Feeling tired, hungry, thirsty. Children as well as adults can mistake feeling hungry for being thirsty. 3. Mood swings. 4. Sunken eyes. Changes in vision. 5. Wrinkled skin on the back of the hands as well as face.

Those living in a desert climate are reminded constantly about drinking enough, but a body can become dehydrated from being in cold windy air, heated homes as well as air conditioned homes. It is true some medical conditions require fluid intake to be limited. We are also aware from recent deaths, that too much water intake within a short period of time can lead to electrolyte imbalance which can result in coma and even death. Binge drinking in any form can be fatal.

A simple test to see if you are lacking fluids in your body is to pinch the skin on the back of your hand. After releasing the pinch, the skin should return to it’s previous position within a split second. If the skin creeps back slowly to it’s original position, you are indeed not optimally hydrated.

If you are like me, one of the busy types who forgets how many glasses have passed your lips within a day, a simple way I have of remembering is to have 6 pennies in a pocket on the right side of my pants or jacket I am wearing and as I drink through my six glasses, I transfer the pennies one with each glass, to a pocket on the left. Or if you work on a computer you can place 6-8 little sticky notes on your screen and transfer them to the goals achieved side as you drink your way to beauty.

Source: Beauty Secrets