Thinning Hair Shears

Thick and curly hair are just what thinning shears are designed for. These life-saving tools are used in every professional salon to reduce volume and blend layers to create a balanced style that will be easier to manage.

Thinning shears can be easily identified just by taking a look at the toothed blades which closely resemble a comb. There are a few types of thinning shears which differ according to the style and hair type you specialize in. Generally, thinning shears will have anywhere from 7 to 40 teeth so be sure to find the right tool for the hair you need to style.

First, youll want to know that there are two main types of thinning shears which are the single sided and the double sided. The single sided thinning shear features teeth on just one blade while the second blade is a straight edge. These are ideal for thinning thick and curly hair. The double sided thinning shear features teeth on both blades and can be used in the same way as single sided shears but this time less hair in removed which gives a softer look. The double sided shears are best for light thinning to give the hair body.

There are also wide tooth thinning shears which are best for fringe and the nape of the neck. These are best for thick or curly hair since more hair is removed and in bigger chunks, but refrain yourself from using them to cut the hair too near the roots or ends.

Now, according to the hair type there are thinning scissors with different amounts of teeth. For a pair that is intended for thin or fine hair types look for a single sided thinning shear with 46 teeth on the blade. For thick hair use either a double sided or a single sided thinning shear with 30 teeth. This type is also great for beginners who arent sure about their cutting style just yet. For thick and coarse hair types that need excess bulk removal, a thinning shear with 24 teeth is a perfect choice. But thinning shears come in all kinds of sizes and designs so youll also need to find out a bit more about them before making any decisions.

Making hair softer and much more manageable is what any hairstyler wants to achieve for their customers, so investing in a good pair or even a few pairs of thinning shears is highly advisable.