The Truth About Face Cream Reviews

You might disagree, but hear me out on this. I have read numerous face cream reviews and have even written a few, myself. It is important to share information with fellow consumers. It’s obvious that we can’t rely on manufacturers to provide honest information. Sure, some manufacturers do come clean with the facts. But, most just hide behind glossy advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

A new internet database, created by the Environmental Working Group, a public safety watchdog, of sorts, provides consumers with a little extra help. The database lists the ingredients in thousands of different skincare products and the EWG ranks those ingredients in terms of safety.

They also allow consumers to upload face cream reviews or make comments about the products. Some consumers are unhappy with the EWG evaluation, but the base their evaluations solely on the facts.

Cosmetic companies commonly use known allergens, irritants and toxins in their products. The reason behind this is money. There is no other explanation. As hard as the EPA and the FDA fights to get better regulations for skincare products manufactured in the US, the more lobbyists cosmetic companies send to Washington.

The hope of the EWG is simply to inform the consumer, so that they can make their own choices. It took years of hard work to get this information to the public and I, for one, am appreciative of all of the work that they have done.

If you read enough face cream reviews, you will see that some people “love” a product, while others “hate” it. That’s not really surprising when you have a little more information.

According to surveys conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, 25% of all cosmetic users have had an adverse reaction to one of the skincare products that they have used. So, if you read 10 face cream reviews for the same product, two or three are likely to be negative.

It is a known fact that sensitivity to some allergens develops over time. So, an ingredient that may have been non-irritating in a person’s youth can cause a reaction, as they get older.

It is also known that there are lower levels of hyaluronic acid in older skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the things that prevent toxins and irritants from penetrating deeply. The deeper it penetrates, the more likely it is to cause irritation. That is probably the reason that you see some many negative comments about wrinkle creams and anti-aging face cream reviews.

Cosmetic companies never seem to consider how a harsh compound could affect an older person. They spend a lot of time figuring out their ad campaigns and marketing techniques. But, they spend very little time on researching or developing truly effective products.

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