The Shift to Home Laser Hair Devices

There’s a revolution happening in the delivery of laser hair growth therapy – In the past, laser hair therapy with regular visits to the studio for laser sessions and a proven hair loss prevention program has proven to be both an effective hair loss solution for clients and hair loss studios alike. However, all that is changing with the introduction of laser home devices. Clients are steadily beginning faced with monitoring -in studio- laser minutes closely against demanding lifestyles. With today’s busy lifestyles there are men and women who are candidates for Low Level, Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) who because of their schedules , will not commit to traditional two or three times a week sessions at the salon. Many however, embrace the convenience of using a home device. Additionally, this new trend is appealing for those clients who are out of the primary driving area who can’t do a laser program because the distance is too far for regular visits. In the past there wasn’t much I could do for them. Today, they can reap the same benefit as an in salon client. Things You Need To Know: Laser greatly enhances a Doctor formulated Hair Loss Program -Laser grows hair, it is your hair loss program that stops the shedding of your new hair. We stand behind HLCC’s Multi-Therapeutic Approach to Hair Loss Programs. Get a Hair and Scalp Evaluation Before you Buy – make sure your New Laser suits your individual need Stay Compliant with Your Hair Loss Program – your decision of which hair laser to purchase correlates with how much time you will spend with your treatment. (this equal to) The more laser diodes purchased -the less time in treatment. I can help you with the calculation of diodes verses laser minutes. Get Regular Check Ups with your Hair Loss Control Specialist – this helps stay on target, up-date treatment plans when needed and review application technique and schedule.

I believe that the market share of home hair laser devices will only continue to increase.

The portable laser market is here to stay and is now becoming too big to ignore.

There’s a wide spectrum of home lasers to consider, from hand -held laser combs, portable lasers that can be placed behind your easy chair and adjusted to areas where treatment is needed ( this is my favorite). Other hand free models include iGrow cap, and the Capillus 272. All of the units are extremely well made and fit the requirements of 660 nm in wavelengths. It is important to know these devices require client’s to fill out a questionnaire and have it reviewed by our studios’ physician in order to determine suitability.

FDA just approved the laser helmet clinical trials to improve hair growth 98 percent of patients and an increase in hair thickness, volume and density of 200% among users within six weeks.

Make an appointment with a hair loss control specialist to discover solution for you hair loss problems.Act now,hair loss doesn’t get better without help.