The Golf Swing A Thing Of Beauty

From your initial drive from the tee box, right up until the final putt, the golf swing will make or break your game. There are many instruction manuals and DVDs on how to accomplish the perfect golf swing set-up, the rotation of your upper body in relation to the stance of your lower body, alignment, how to find your proper swing plane and your swing speed. Get one of these factors wrong and you will overcompensate so that your ball will not be landing satisfyingly close to the putting green anytime soon. Indeed it will send you hurtling away from the par, rather than within shot of it.

The golf swing at the tee off will decide how far up the fairway your first shot will take you, whilst the subsequent swings will keep you on track and under par. Professional players like Tiger Woods have a very specific swing and personal swing will not only drive your ball, but help you to get yourself out of the sand bunkers and other tricky situations. This is when the angle of your swing is particularly important. Of course your core strength will affect how much power you can put into your swing, which in turn will affect how easily your carefully angled swing will get the ball out of the sand.

Equipment available to practice the golf swing incorporates everything from the simple practice tool and practice nets, to the Power Coil Golf Swing Trainer and a fascinating sounding Electronic Swing Groover (which is supposed to give you full shot analysis and tracking). Clearly there is enough demand in the golf swing aid market to warrant these gadgets as we all look for a quick fix and try to reduce our practice and training so that we can just get on with our game and enjoy winning!

Unfortunately this is a short-cut we all wish we could take in any sport and one that will get you injured if you are not very careful! Heard of golfers elbow? Well, keep swinging your clubs incorrectly and twisting yourself in the wrong way you could get a strain in your elbow (golfers elbow) as well as in your back. It is probably more advisable to seek some one-to-one training by a professional so that you can learn the proper ground rules for the golf swing. Even if it is only for an initial period, this will be beneficial for your future enjoyment in the game of golf.