The Connection Between Hair Loss And Prostate Problems

The older you get, the greater you most likely notice different guys your age complaining about prostate issues. Take a look at those same men. What do each of them have in common? They are all losing their hair. This is simply not a coincidence.

Having prostate problems as well as hair loss is like adding insult to injury. Your hair thinning has already made you feel unconfident and less attractive. Now, your charm is being further affected by needing to make frequent trips to the bathroom and sexual dysfunction.

Dependant upon just how long you’ve been losing your hair, prostate dysfunction might have not yet transpired to you. In case you have substantial hair loss, it’s likely that you might be currently experiencing some prostate irritation. If you’re only just beginning to shed hair, this may not yet be an issue. Nonetheless, be assured that if your hair loss continues to go unmanaged it’s very likely to bring about prostate problems.

No guy wishes to hear that his tough struggle is about to get tougher. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever you determine 2 apparently unrelated issues are linked, it indicates they are each indicators of a bigger problem you can concentrate all of your energy on.

The larger problem is a hormone imbalance. A very concentrated male hormone, DHT, normally provides you with the large frame, deep voice, and thick beard which are the essence of your masculine look. However your body has gone overboard producing DHT and now the hormone is turning against you.

The only body areas which are especially sensitive are the hormone receptors around your hair follicles and on your prostate. When your body is generating too much DHT, these are the only two locations intended for storage. Since your hair follicles are so delicate, they suffer from the DHT overload first. However, it’ll only be a matter or time before the prostate will start to enlarge and induce problems.

You might be asking what could be beneficial about learning you have a greater problem. The good news is that having a “bigger problem” means you do not need to manage each issue separately. You do not need a full arsenal of prostate medications along with a cabinet full of hair loss products. You just need to treat the overproduction of DHT in order to resolve both problems.