Shilajit Es – The Best Anti Aging Supplement That Helps To Counteract The Effects Of Aging

Aging is a menace in our life. How good would it have been is only we could live our lives healthier for a longer period. But it wasn’t to be because the factors which cause faster aging are inevitable in our lives. There are no ways in which we can keep away from factors like genetic influence, exposure to sunlight, stress, pollution, infections, Harmful habits like smoking and alcohol etc. Aging is an inevitable outcome of passage of time. But everybody desires to possess the best anti aging supplement around to counter the effects of aging on them. The best anti aging supplement for the body to rejuvenate are healthy living, healthy habits, healthy eating, exercise, providing body all the vitamins and minerals and nutrition and last but not the least providing all natural ways for the body to regain back and retain the certain level of well being to cope up with the ailments of aging.

To provide the best for our body we need to know which one is the best anti aging supplement available to us to help us counter the effects of aging.

Vitamin C: these interact with free radicals in the body in turn slowing the aging process.

Vitamin E: these are antioxidants which slows cellular aging again by neutralizing free radicals in our body

Zinc: these help in proper growth and development of our cells leading to healthier cells and thus slowing aging process.

Testosterone hormones: this is the hormone stimulus for sex drive in both sexes, which is also responsible for maintaining muscle mass and strength and bone density which with advancing age becomes increasingly essential.

Estrogen Progesterone: these also provide a maintaining effect on the muscle mass and bone density.

Folic Acid: the most potent killer of humans through cardiac ailments as inadequate levels of folic acid and vitamin B6 lead to increased levels of homocysteine which single handed can cause blood to clot easily than normal, thus paving the way for increased risk of heart attacks and deaths by heart attack.

Coenzyme Q10: these help in healthy mitochondrial function which we all know are the power houses of cells, so if the cell power houses remain healthy naturally the cells remain healthy and rejuvenated, in turn slowing the aging process.

Calorie restriction: a calorie restricted but nutrient rich diet is the best replenishing supplement for the body to regain back its lost essentials.

Now we arise to the question Where do we get all these essentials and minerals and vitamins?

Many of the above mentions supplements are administered direct. And a diet that provides these above mentioned essentials is by far the best anti aging supplement. But there are many herbal anti aging supplements which may be termed as best anti aging supplement till date as they are rich in nutrients and minerals that our body desires. One such herbal best anti aging supplement is the Shilajit ES Capsule which contains herbs that provide all essential minerals and thats not all, its a perfect blend of five herbs in perfect proportion to provide the consumer the best effects for an anti aging supplement.