Say No To Artificial Smiles, Trust Cosmetic Dentistry For Dental Implants In Nyc

An attractive personality plays a vital role in socializing and good future prospects in the social circles of New York. A beautiful smile is an integral part of an attractive personality, therefore cosmetic surgery procedures are increasingly being used by New Yorkers for sculpting their smiles. The cosmetic dentistry NYC procedure of dental implants effectively replaces missing teeth and making many smiles complete.

Let us look on its uses and its advantages in comparison to braces and bridges –

What are the uses of dental implants?
Dental implants can be used in the following cases –
1.Tooth loss, which happens due to tooth decay and root canal failure.
2.Gum diseases, tooth injury and congenital effects, which may make one lose their teeth.
3.Replace one or more tooth without any effects on the bordering teeth.
4.Supports a bridge and helps to remove the need of a partial denture.
5.It also helps to provide support for a denture making it sturdy.

What are the advantages of dental implants in comparison to bridges and dentures?
The cosmetic dentistry alternative of dental implants can provide a better solution for missing teeth; these may include the following –

“Esthetics – Bridges and dentures generally involve bone loss and a reduction in the gum tissue; however, this does not happen in case of dental implants. Since these teeth generally integrate in to the bone structure, there is no alteration in the bone and gum structure.

“Tooth Saving – In cases of dental bridges, the neighboring teeth have to be reshaped in order to make the bridge fit perfectly. Dental implants on the other hand, do not involve any alteration of the adjacent tooth, which is helpful in the longer run.

“Originality – Dental implants are helpful as it helps one to eliminate the disadvantages of dentures such as wobbling sounds, misplaced dentures and sticky glues.

“Reliable – The success rate of dental implants is considered higher in comparison to other alternatives like bridges and dentures.

Dental Implants offer safe and viable options for people who are fighting with the shock of missing teeth. A New York resident Susan K. who recently got a couple of these implants fitted, had to say this about the cosmetic dentistry procedure “There was a time I was embarrassed to open my mouth or laugh without any shyness in the public. A visit to the cosmetic dentist changed my life; the dentals implants have given me my lost smile.”