Say Goodbye to Bad Habits and Do Zero-Pores Beauty

In the following are the bad habits, have you ever made mistakes like this?

The first bad habit is that apply excessive skin care products. Skin care products are not applied more and better, too many skin care products will give your skin pressure, and skin external important contact channels, pores under the thick skin care products will open and expand. So the skin care products should be applied with the right amount.

The second bad habit is that because of the large pores, you apply thick covering products. For a longer length of time on the makeup people, excessive use of pastes cosmetics is done a long time abuse of the pores of the skin. Of course, the pores not only cannot breathe inside the sebum metabolites, without catharsis pipe, long time to block the metabolites in the export and are waiting for the opportunity to discharge, and the mouth of the pore of the temporary shelters is of course the greater and greater.

The third bad habit is to make up too often. As long as the skin is slightly oily, as long as you have sweated, and the women like to be beauty so that keep making up. Although the supplement is powder, for the pores, the cleared relief channel is immediately blocked. And constantly making up the powder, the permeability of the pore is difficult.

In addition to the four bad habits is that make-up is very serious, but the remover is very lazy. A lot of women always like do this. However, seriously make remover work can not only make the dirt in the face clean, you can also do an absolutely cleaning to the pore.

The five bad habits are dependent on the care products to close the pores. A lot of women usually do not clean the face leading to the large pores, but rely on skin care products to narrow pores. Skin care products are indeed a -specific ingredients- to support the convergence tighten pores, such as AHA ingredients and the plant extracts rich in tannic acid, but the effect of narrowing the pores of these ingredients are temporary, which cannot make the pores small for a long time.

So, usually we should do a good job of cleaning the skin, do not smear too many skin care products or covering products, but also do not make up too often, and the most important thing is to do make-up remover.

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