Reverse Wrinkles The Natural Way With Effective Skin Care

If you really want to reverse wrinkles without resorting to anything drastic like surgery, you simply need to look a little harder in order to find some quite remarkable natural ingredients to remove them and prevent them from returning.

The first thing we need to do is realize that none of these so-called anti-aging skin creams that contain collagen and elastin are any good for reversing wrinkles! Their molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin and as a result, no benefit is gained.

In addition to the fact that they don’t reverse wrinkles, they contain many harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oil and others that strip your skin of its natural oils and can harm your health over the long term.

Collagen and elastin are the two proteins responsible for the youthful appearance of our skin, and sadly, as we get older their production decreases leaving us with sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, but a new breakthrough substance called Cynergy TK is about to change all that.

An extract from New Zealand sheep’s wool, it contains functional keratin. Keratin is a natural substance found in the body and has an important role to play in keeping the skin younger looking and healthy. It has been described as like applying liquid skin to your face, with powerful rejuvenating qualities, reversing wrinkles and lines.

Studies show a sustained 14% improvement in skin moisture retention over 18 days and a sustained improvement in skin elasticity of 42% over 18 days. In addition it moisturizes and helps to prevent wrinkles from returning.

This is the most effective natural ingredient to reverse wrinkles, free from any harmful chemicals, to be found. When combined with others like Phytessence wakame from Japanese sea kelp, Babassu wax from the Amazon rainforest and active Manuka honey from New Zealand, you have a winning combination.

This is what true skin care should be: exceptionally effective, natural and with the ability to not only reverse the signs of aging but to help improve our overall health as well by boosting the immune systems and the delivery of essential nutrients.

If you are happy to wait a few weeks to reverse wrinkles naturally, you will find the wait to be extremely worthwhile.

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