Repairing Unsightly Toenails With Cosmetic Nail Correction

Unsightly toenails are a common complaint, especially among individuals with nail fungus or other toenail disorders or deformities. Deformed toenails are embarrassing, making it difficult to wear sandals or go barefoot in the summer months. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your toenails, you want a treatment that will restore your nails as close to your natural nails as possible.

Many of today’s nail deformities and problems can be treated with new nail cosmetic treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials which offer painless reconstructive nail correction to provide a natural and attractive cosmetic result.

KeryFlex: Effective Nail Restoration for Damaged Nails

If you’re embarrassed by your unsightly toenails, your podiatrist can now correct and restore your damaged nails with a nail restoration system known as KeryFlex. Using a polymer resin and special activators, KeryFlex can create a durable, yet flexible artificial nail. Nails can be partially or completely restored and since the resin is flexible it adjusts to the movements of the nail and feet, perfectly fitting your nail bed and feeling completely natural. The KeryFlex solution is semi- permanent and will simply grow out like a natural nail, so reapplication is necessary- typically every six to eight weeks. This means you can treat them like your natural nails– filing them, applying nail polish and swimming.

To apply KeryFlex, your podiatrist will first prepare your nail bed by removing the dead, damaged or infected nail parts. Then the KeryFlex bond is brushed onto the nail plate and nail bed, which helps build up the nail. Your podiatrist can then sculpt and contour the artificial nail to your desired shape and form. Once the modeling process is complete, the KeryFlex seal is applied and an ultraviolet light solidifies the substances. The entire application process is fast, taking on average no more than 20 minutes for the big toe.

KeryFlex is a great solution for most toenail damage:
Dystrophic nails
Thickened nails
Misshapen nails
Horizontal plate ridges
Spoon shaped nails
Damaged/injured nail
Brittle and splitting nails
Post Toenail Fungus or nails undergoing fungal treatment
Shedding nails

Remember, KeryFlex is used for cosmetic enhancements only. It isn’t a treatment for nail fungus and other related nail disorders. Treatment for your toenails will need to be discussed with your Memphis podiatrist as he can administer the most appropriate care to treat the problem.

Unsightly toenails caused by injuries or infections can be embarrassing. Luckily with new technology, it’s possible and easy to restore your nails to their natural shape, feel and appearance. With KeryFlex, your nails will look better than they ever have, and only you will know that they aren’t your natural nails. It’s safe, painless and better yet, you can let your toes breath because they will look great!