Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Now Offering Innovative Treatment of Stretch Marks Using SmartSkin- Fractional CO2 Laser and Smartlipo Triplex Laser

PressRelease) Dr. Ishoo’s innovative approach to treatment of stretch marks combines fractional ablative skin resurfacing to improve skin texture with sub-dermal application of the Smartlipo Triplex laser to tighten skin.

Marshfield, MA – Edwin Ishoo, MD, the founder and medical director of the Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center in the South Shore, Massachusetts area, has developed an innovative and effective treatment of stretch marks by using Smartlipo Triplex and Smart Skin- Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing. Combining extensive experience with advanced laser technology and convenient locations, Dr. Edwin Ishoo is able to provide remarkable results with minimal recovery time at an affordable price in a safe, comfortable outpatient setting.

Stretch Marks, clinically known as Striae are caused by tearing of the dermis layer of skin which are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (common in puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy or muscle building). Dr. Edwin Ishoo states “Men and women can get stretch marks regardless of age, body type or habits on several areas of their bodies, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms or lower back. Whether it’s stretch marks from pregnancy, puberty, exercise or weight gain –

Cosmetic Dentistry To Improve Teeth Color

The color of your teeth is very important for a perfect smile which shows your confidence. But there are several reasons that may cause your teeth color to change. The discoloration of your teeth may be due to staining, chemical damage caused, or aging. Coffee, tea, medications, or cigarettes are few of the most common factors that discolor your teeth. People with habits of drinking lots of cola or soft drinks are also prone to discoloration of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures however can renew the teeth color and rectify major dental flaws.

Besides staining there are some other factors that can influence your teeth color. Genes, for example, can influence the teeth color. Genetic influence may lead some people to have brighter enamel compared to others. A person may lose teeth color because of some disease also. If you fill that due to some underlying medical reason your teeth are getting discolored, you should immediately take help of cosmetic dentistry.

There is no standard system available in dentistry to estimate or determine your teeth color. Some shade guides are available which differentiate the teeth color into basic four shades like reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray, and reddish gray. Reddish

Hair Coloring Tip & Secrets

A lot of people buy over the counter hair coloring kits every year, millions in fact and they are causing lots of damage. If you are thinking about changing your hair color, just need to cover some of the grays or you just want a change you came to the right place for advice.

Whether it is to brighten, lighten or darken. Some of us just get bored or want the latest trend. Men and women are always going to color their hair. Its not a bad thing, sometimes we just need to do something exciting. We all have our reasons. There are as many reasons as there are hair colors. When deciding on a change always consult a professional hair stylist that is knowledgeable about color. You don’t want to spend good money on hair color that fades right out. So someone that is knowledgeable in color and hair color products is key.

It is very important to use a good quality professional shampoo. I prefer a color shampoo that does not have sulfates. Sulfates tend to wash out the color more quickly. Also you need to maintain the shine and moisture in your hair. A good

Nasal Reshaping Or Rhinoplasty-affordable Cosmetic Surgery In The Philippines

Also known as Rhinoplasty, surgery of the nose improves the appearance and proportion of your nose, enhancing facial harmony and self confidence. Rhinoplasty can change nose size in relation to the other facial structures, nose width at the bridge, nose profile with visible humps or depressions on the bridge, nasal tip that is large or bulbous, drooping, or too upturned, nostrils that are large, wide or upturned, as well as nasal asymmetry and deviation.

Rhinoplasty is a highly individualized form of cosmetic surgery. Nasal reshaping aims to restore facial balance. Asian patients will usually need an implant (silicone, Gore-Tex, cartilage) to augment the nasal dorsum. On the other hand, Caucasian patients would usually require reduction rhinoplasty. The nasal tip is addressed in a variety of ways. Cartilage may be harvested from the back of the ear to augment the nasal tip. As an adjunct to nasal reshaping, alar trimming to address the flaring of the side of the nose (ala) is done to address patients with wide nostrils and flaring alar lobules.

The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with light sedation and lasts from 1 to 2 hours depending on the extent of the procedure. Rhinoplasty

Beauty Products

Beauty products online permit you fast and easy use of numerous best makeup retailers. You can buy all of your health and beauty products from safe health and beauty shops as well as chemists on the internet. There are separate beauty aids for men and women. Just by clicking on your mouse about the websites, you can have beauty products delivered to your own doorway.

Skin care items, makeup, health supplements, makeover products, fragrances, lipsticks, and other pores and skin supplements are for sale to purchase on the internet. On the internet there are also beauty products that are produced from natural herbal treatments as well as important natural oils. Certain online shops specialize in providing discount beauty products. There are also stores which market just luxurious beauty products and high quality

Most of the beauty product producers have their very own web sites that offer additional information concerning many. There are a number of web sites exhibiting listings associated with some of the best stores selling beauty products online. There are even sites that show the actual week’s best vendor of a particular product group, that makes it simpler for you to judge the marketplace worth of an item. Beauty

Beauty Of Hair, Agony Of Hair Loss

We are never able to quench the thirst for our beauty. Long, beautiful hair plays a pivotal role in our looks. How often do you pass by a mirror or even a car window that reflects your image and you wait for a couple of seconds to see how you are looking. So naturally your attention is first and foremost snatched by your hair. And unconsciously your hand moves to your head and your fingers try to settle the scattered trails of your hair locks. It is so reflexive, so accustomed.

The very new hair style that is endorsed by a celebrity in a super hit occasion or a movie is the first thing that you want to adapt from the star. But a wise, little voice in your head warns you not to apply too much of chemicals on your head. In the rush to get a fabulous hair colour or spikes which design your hair style, you should be aware that anything beyond the line of limit is injurious. Isnt there a fear that one day when you stop by at the car or in a store in front of the mirror, looking at yourself and instinctively

Cosmetic Dentist Can Reverse Affects of Aging

A cosmetic dentist is needed, when it comes to updating physical appearance and taking years off of a person’s true age, the answer may not lie in miracle creams, facial masks, and injections.

While a person may visit the dentist regularly and even whiten his teeth on a frequent basis, the process of aging affects all parts of the human body and may be evident in the appearance of the smile.

With age, the body begins to lose calcium, and the natural strength of the bones, teeth, and nails begins a slow process of deterioration. To a certain extent, this can be treated with vitamins, calcium supplements, and eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, despite all best efforts, many people find that their teeth are beginning to reveal their true age.

Cosmetic dentists have a full arsenal of tricks at their disposal, all designed to make healthy and natural smiles brighter, younger-looking, and more aesthetically pleasing. After all, a person’s smile is something that the entire world notices; it can either draw people in and engage them, or have the power to repel. Attractive teeth are a huge asset to virtually every person, giving an added

Solutions Of Anti Aging Skin Treatments.

At some point of age if you feels your skin is losing its smoothness and your cosmetics product are failing to its results then its time take an action against you aging. Concentrating at your food and exercise will helps you lot. However Anti Ageing Products will help you a lot to remove your fine lines, skin wrinkles without any major surgery or cosmetic surgery. Utilizing after Most Effective Anti Aging Cream will serve you younger and beautiful skin. Anti Ageing Creams are packed with nutrients,Sea kelp extract, soja extract, glycercine and antioxidant which are already available in aryu-deva products.
As we age, our skin stops creating new cells and getting thinner. Our body starts abusing at the age of 30 or less then that. Even we are non smoker and drinker. There are so many ways to stop this wrinkles and looks younger by Anti Wrinkle Creams available in the market.
Anti Aging Skin Cream is hydrating your skin from dryness. There are so many Anti Ageing Products but we must choose one which is effective and makes your skin younger and smooth. Various forms of Anti Ageing Products are available in the market like cream, Lotion,

The Life Changing Benefits Of Running

Running may be exhausting and tedious at the beginning, but you must always put in mind that the benefits of running are far more rewarding than you may realize. Although it is physically demanding, running is one of the most effective forms of exercise that can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall health. Some runners are motivated by the health benefits they get from running, while others just simply enjoy doing it. Whatever your motivation behind running is, know that your body and mind will greatly benefit from it. Below are three life changing benefits of running.

Benefits of Running #1: Running is a natural anti-depressant.

Often referred to as the “runner’s high”, some runners admit that running gives them a different kind of high or creates some state of euphoria. Aside from enhancing the mood, running also helps relieve stress because it allows you to focus on what youre doing. This anti-depressant effect is caused by the release of endorphins inside the brain. In fact, running has been used to treat clinical depression and other forms of addiction.

Benefits of Running #2: Running can slow down the outward signs of aging.

The reason

Resveratrol The Best (Easy) Medicine For Anti-Aging

You’ve Heard Red Wine’s Good For You? Here’s Why

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Years ago, researchers from Harvard Medical School (and others) found an impressive nutrient with the power to fight aging, improve cardio-vascular and neurologic health, and help the human body battle everything from fatigue to disease. It’s called “resveratrol,” and it’s the ingredient in red wine that you’ve heard so much talk about lately.

How does it work?

Well, Father Time is wreaking havoc on your body, all the time. As you grow older (especially if you can manage to do it in our modern fast-food-and-TV societies), your body is bombarded by toxins of all sorts, from airborne and food-borne toxins to the stuff your flourescent lights are putting out that’s slowly killing your brain. The bad stuff attacks your cells, and literally starts tearing them apart. You’ve heard the term “free radical,” right? Those are particles torn from your cells that are floating around inside you, looking to attach themselves to healthy cells (and thereby making those cells UN-healthy in short order). Even if you lived a brilliantly clean life (and you don’t), this would happen anyway… your cells just break down