Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer – Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bucket of Water!

An Oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer is the recourse many people are taking these days to get a wrinkle free and smooth skin. But does it deliver? No, it does not. Because, to your surprise, you are throwing out the baby along with the bucket of water.

On the surface, it might seem logical that an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer is a good moisturizing and anti-aging solution for our skin, but the reality is very different.

Our notion for oil based facial moisturizers is that the oils in them clog our skin’s pores and leave a sticky greasy feeling behind. This may only be a partly true fact as you might have been using oil based anti-aging facial moisturizers with mineral oils in them!

This might shock you, Minerals oils in your facial moisturizer cream! Yes, Mineral oil is widely used in sub standard skin care moisturizer creams because it is cheap. Although it moisturizes the skin temporarily, but the cost you pay in terms of your skin health is too much.

Mineral oils clog the skin’s pores and leave them suffocating for fresh air. The skin cannot breathe freely and thus it is unable to cleanse itself from the toxins. The accumulated toxins lead to many skin problems like acne breakouts, allergies, skin rashes and skin inflammation.

Our skin also has natural oils that are vital for skin health preservation. These oils get lost during the course of the day due to the stress, environmental pollution and other factors. An anti-aging facial moisturizer helps preserve these vital natural oils in your skin.

So, many people try to look for oil free anti-aging facial moisturizers because they have suffered from the harmful effects of mineral oils in their previous mineral oil based facial moisturizers and also because they are not yet aware of the outstanding beneficial natural oils that can work wonders for their skin health and youth.

Some of these types of natural oils are –

1) Grapeseed Oil – This oil is a strong antioxidant and creates a protective film on your skin. This invisible film locks in the vital moisture and natural oils in your skin. It is rich in linoleic acid and various other oils that are vital for skin health.

2) Babassu – This is a very light natural wax. It helps effectively in softening and soothing your skin. It also creates an invisible film of protection on your skin which helps prevent the skin’s natural moisture from escaping outside. This film also prevents dirt and grime from entering within your skin.

Babassu is made from Babassu oil, which is found in the kernel of the babassu fruit in the Amazon. This wonderful oil is very beneficial for naturally curing wrinkles. It works equally well for oily and dry complexion persons.

By all this key scientific information, you now know that an anti-aging facial moisturizer is the key to regaining healthy, vibrant and glowing skin.

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