Nose Hair – To Pluck, Cut or Wax.

Guys when you stand in the mirror do you ever think-. -Hmmmm I don’t think my nose hair is suppose to come out of my nose- or is it just something you’ve never really noticed? My own male relatives seem entirely oblivious to the strands sneaking out to catch the light of day. I’m sure nose hair has growing spurts as you get older because I’ve never seen a baby born with nose hair even if the hair on its head is thick. The thing is we women do notice. We notice if it’s grey which happens as you get older, or black, brown or red to match your beard and we notice if there’s one hair or a whole forest hanging out there. Maybe your girlfriend is too embarrassed to tell you or maybe she’s been dropping subtle hints but you haven’t picked up on it. Go and look in the mirror, raise your nose to the ceiling and see if there’s any strays protruding even just a fraction. Is there? Women do this all the time. I myself get a small compact mirror with a magnified side and will look up my nostrils to detect any rogue hair that may have tried to escape down the path to daylight. Guys it’s not a good look so what can you do about it? Grab a tissue, clean inside the nose and then we’ll get started.

First, why are the hairs actually up your nose? Possible functions are to filter foreign object from entering. A 2010 study suggested thick nasal hair could aid seasonal rhinitis by possibly filtering out pollen’s and other allergens. But do you want them? I say not. Nose hair and plucking is painful at the best of times. It doesn’t actually matter what method you choose between plucking and waxing, it’s going to hurt so brace yourself for some pain as we women so often do in the name of beauty.

If you’re choosing to pluck you need to go the a pharmacy or supermarket and purchase a reasonably sized pair of tweezers. It’s surprising how tough these little hairs are so be prepared to pull with all your might. To begin with look straight up the nostril, and don’t laugh but a little torch maybe necessary to see the full extent of what you are up against. I’m sure you’ll think to yourself -wow I never knew it looked like that up there!- Tweezer sizes vary, coming with straight ends or slanted, some being too sharp therefore breaking the hair follicle before you even get a chance to remove it. Now try gripping one hair close to the root in between the tip of the tweezers and pull firmly and quickly, which is the general action of plucking. I’m guessing that brought tears to your eyes! But the process needs to be repeated several times before you can be sure the nasty little escapees have been removed. Extracting several hairs at a time may cause discomfort but not alarm. It’s worth noting you may choose to apply antiseptic cream using the top of a cotton tip to prevent any infections. I’ve personally never had any issues having to apply it but you may choose to do so.

After feeling the pain of plucking, this is when you may decide to cut. But don’t go getting a pair of kitchen scissors or some that have been laying around the house for a few years. You should go to the pharmacy once more, or the personal section of the supermarket and choose a pair of small manicure scissors available with either straight or curved end. Curved will assist maneuvering inside the roundness of the nostril. You don’t have to completely enter your nasal passage with the scissors, choosing instead to only cut the hairs hanging in view for all to see. Remember these little scissors are extremely sharp and therefore if you don’t take the time to navigate them slowly around cutting one or two hairs at a time you can end up cutting the inside of the nose. This is not a good practice and can be painful. Overall though cutting nose hairs are the most painless method of all.

Nose trimmers and clippers are battery or electric operated and available from department stores or online at a reasonable cost, generally starting at around $10. These can be use for the ears and sometimes eyebrows as well. Yes not only nose, but ear hairs appear. This is a painless method, cutting back the protruding offenders rather than ripping them out.

Waxing nose hair is a method to rid all hair from the nostril in one swoop or pull as the case maybe. There’s different types of wax, hard and soft which are used for differing parts of the body which I’ll go into at a later date. Waxing in general can be a painful exercise as hair follicles are pulled from the root but it’s a longer lasting solution to hair growth. You may choose to wax your entire body (which I’ll go into at later date) or just any obvious annoying visible hairs. Nads has introduced a product into the market for both men and women for waxing nostrils claiming -no strips, no mess, no fuss.- This is done by heating the wax, inserting an applicator into the nasal cavity, allowing the wax to dry, then in a quick movement pull, removing many hairs at once. The Nads link has a video to explain how to do this. Waxing has a tendency to leave you hairless for longer so if travelling it may be the solution you’re after.

Guys, I hope you are now enlightened of the pain we suffer but the outcome for appearance sake is worth it whatever method you choose. Maybe let me know how you went if it’s your first time and which method you used.

Suzanne B nose-hair-to-pluck-cut-or-wax