Keratin Hair Straightening – Taking Sydney By Storm

If you’re sick of straightening your hair day in and day out and are seeking a faster, easier straightening option, then Keratin hair straightening may be ideal for you. This Brazilian-inspired hair straightening method is all the buzz in Sydney with its amazing ability to turn frizzy curls into silky locks. Find out exactly how it works and what it does below.

The Easy Process
This amazing style of straightening involves simply treating your hair with a specially formulated keratin treatment, and then using a hair straightener to seal the chemicals in. Although you can’t wash your hair for at least four days afterwards, the amazing results are worth the effort! It must be performed by a hairdressing professional with specialist training, due to the intensity of the chemicals used.

The Amazing Results
Keratin produces by far some of the most dramatic straightening results. While using a straightener may keep your hair straight for a day or so at the most, Keratin can last for up to four months! Plus, unlike other straightening methods you don’t need to worry about getting your hair wet because it won’t make a difference. Stand in the rain, have a shower or even go swimming and your silky straight hair will still be just as smooth afterwards.

The Benefits of Hair Salon Sydney
You’ll save so much time getting ready in the morning because you simply won’t need to use a straightener.

Moisture has no effect, so you won’t have to worry about sweating, swimming, showering or merely living in a humid city anymore. The frizz and curls will be kept at bay!

Straightening every day can damage the hair – you won’t need to worry about this risk any more.

The results are very long lasting so you will only need to have the Keratin technique performed every once in a while.

So, if you’re sick of having to straighten every day and the annoying frizz and curls that pop up at the merest drop of rain, Keratin hair straightening may be ideal for you. But don’t have just anyone perform this intensive technique – you need to ensure your hairdresser knows what they’re doing so they can perform it safely and properly. One particular salon that is popular for Keratin straightening at the moment in Sydney is Mark Gardner. They are careful with the products and renowned for producing amazingly straight results.

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