Ingrown Hair Picture Libraries The Top 3

Ingrown hair conditions can range from mildly irritating to serious when infected. Checking online ingrown hair picture libraries can assist by aiding an individual to compare the problem they have with pictures of various ingrown hair conditions.

One has to be cautious with self-diagnosis as a serious condition may go untreated and lead to a more serious infection or skin condition. However, looking at ingrown hair picture libraries can assist as many times simple precautions and treatments from home can solve the problem.

If you would like to research ingrown hair picture libraries for images of ingrown hair skin conditions and diagrams of how ingrown hairs form etc. then use the three top resources listed below.

Before going into the top 3, please note this important tip when searching. Simply entering the phrase ingrown hair into a search field will yield thousands of general results. Putting the phrase in quotes will make the search much more specific and greatly reduce the number of results. The figures listed below were accurate at the time of writing:

Resource 1: Google

ingrown hair: 9,680 images

“ingrown hair”: 1,800 images

Google has a specific search engine that focuses on image files. Simply go to:

and enter ingrown hair into the search box for a variety of images ranging from close-ups of facial ingrown hair, razor bumps, boils, and pimples to diagrams of a hair follicle. Be aware there are also a number of advertisements for ingrown hair products in the ingrown hair picture search results.

Resource 2: Yahoo

ingrown hair: 1,724 images

“ingrown hair: 724 images

Yahoo also has a large ingrown hair picture library which you can access by going to:

There appear to be less advertisements in this collection and more images showing ingrown hair conditions on the face, legs, and thighs.

Resource 3: Microsoft

ingrown hair: 1,436 images

“ingrown hair: 352 images

Microsoft launched a new search portal in 2006 called They also have a very good ingrown hair picture library which you can access by going to and clicking on the tab marked Images. Again simply enter the phrase ingrown hair in the search box.

While this collection also contains numerous advertisements for ingrown hair related products, a good number of pictures are helpful to the ingrown hair sufferer as they show closeup detail of ingrown hair on the face, legs, and pubic area along with helpful diagrams.

As the ingrown hair picture libraries show, the condition can be slight, with just one or two ingrown hairs or it can be extensive with whole areas of skin irritated by numerous ingrown hairs.

Tweezing is a good option for the occasional ingrown hair but multiple hairs may need the help of special solutions formulated to free the trapped hair under the skin.

Tend Skin is one popular product, and Nisim International’s Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment is also effective. (See resource box) By just rubbing these solutions into the skin regularly each day, ingrown hairs can be cured within a few days and prevented from reappearing.

Why not use the three resources above right now and research the ingrown hair picture libraries freely available online to compare the images with your own particular condition.