Hot Oil Hair Treatment To Prevent Hair Fall

Anyone who has been for a hair spa knows the benefit of hot oil hair treatment. Albeit in India we all have been always advised to oil our hair by almost everyone who gives advice on hair care but we have taken the advice lightly. Hot oil hair treatment is an inexpensive luxury with enumerable benefits. Nowadays oil treatments are available in markets as well. All you have to do is heat oil either in microwave or on stove . Oil main purpose is to condition our hair. With increasing pollution, humidity , temperature variation effecting our hair we have made it worse by using steamers, dryers ,curlers , strengtheners etc . Use of these products result in split ends and hair fall too.
One should be careful while using hair treatment as hot mixture if applied without caution can burn the surface area of hair. If hair oil is too hot let it cool and then apply. Basic aim of hair oil is to moisturize your hair and constant moisturizing keeps makes hair healthy and bouncy. Regular repeated use relieve one from dandruff and reduces the side effects of all dryer or burner .If you cannot get away from a curler or a straightener then make sure you use this treatment at least once in a week. Hair oil also relieves you from stress and gives you a peaceful sleep if used before going to the bed.

Steps for hair oil treatment are as follows:-

Step1: Warm the oil and with the help of cotton apply it on your scalp .Try to cover the roots of your hair

Step2: With the help of finger tips gently massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes.

Step3: Now take a bath towel which can cover all your hair and soak it into warm water. Squeeze the towel nicely and make sure its not hot enough to burn your scalp.

StEp:4 Wrap the towel around your hear and keep it for 15 minutes .Many women keep it or 5 minutes too depending upon the availability of time. Towel opens the pores and imbibes the oil into your scalp.

Step5: Shampoo your hair as usual.

Step6: You can avoid the conditioner if you want for that day.

Step6: Let them dry naturally and do not comb wet hair.

You can mix almost all the oils and apply it on your hair. For example you can mix coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil together. You can use only Olive oil or almond oil depending upon the availability. Choose according to your hair suitability.

Some of the hot oil recipe for damaged hair is as follows:-

1. Take equal quantity of olive oil and warm water .Mix them together and warn on low heat. Massage your scalp with the mixture and follow the same procedure of hot towel wrap.

2. Take dry curry leaves and crush them. Mix it with coconut oil and warn the mixture. Strain the mixture in a bowl and apply it on your hair

3 Take coconut oil and squeeze a lemon into it. Apply it on your hair. This will condition your hair and remove dandruff as well.

4. Take 2tbsp olive and 1tbsp honey .Warm it up and apply your hair. You can increase the quantity according to your hair length.

5 Take rosemary leaves and olive oil in equal quantity .Warm and strain the mixture. Apply it on hair. This treatment is used for dry hair.

6.You can use Johnson baby oil as well. This I read in newspaper where actress Amrita Arora advised it and I like her hair.

7.Mix Soya bean oil with castor oil in 1:2 proportion. Warm and apply.

8.I have used Ram dev(popular yoga teacher of India) hair oil and mixed it with olive oil. Did wonders to my hair when they had dandruff in it.

You can keep changing the oil according to your choice. Almond oil and rosemary leaves are good for brain sharpening as well. You can take this treatment in parlor as well but you need to take out time for it and this treatment you can easily do at home without paying for it .Make sure you are not allergic to any oil or ingredients of the oil.