Hair Obsession at a New Level

Our obsession with our hair reaches a whole new level when we start losing it. What we could once bend or straighten or color to our will feels suddenly and terrifyingly beyond our control. Or is it? Many causes of hair loss (crash dieting or reactions to medications) can be temporary; address the underlying issue and your hair returns to a healthy state once again. Unfortunately, the most common culprit, genetic pattern hair loss, is chronic. But you don’t have to operate at a loss.

You’re Not Alone 60% of women are dealing with some degree of hair loss-or have in the past-or will in the future.

The Good Bets

Topical Solution Restim and extra strength Restim Plus improved minoxidil, the only FDA-approved medication to re-grow hair for male and female hair loss.

Prescription Drug -vs- Natural Supplement

Complete Formula anti-androgen supplement with the strength of a prescription made with all natural ingredients. This one step oral solution blocks DHT and gives your hair the nutrients it needs to grow optimally, while fighting DHT (which attacks your hair). Complete Formula is a 3-in-1 herbal supplement designed to significantly inhibit DHT, the primary cause of hair loss.

Laser Hair Therapy is a cold low-light laser diode element that transfers light energy to your scalp and promotes hair growth.

2010 FDA Cleared Device * The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has cleared a laser device for hair growth in the treatment of female pattern baldness. The laser is a medical device that has been cleared to promote hair growth in females. Previously, the FDA cleared a hand-held laser device for the treatment of male pattern baldness. 100% Safe and Proven Hair Loss Laser Treatment has been found to be safe in over 3,500 scientific and medical papers over 30 years of research.

Hair Replacements Options Images Unlimited Hair Loss Control Center offers delicate answers and professional solutions for thinning hair and all your hair loss concerns. Our solutions vary depending on the type and degree of hair loss and can be tailored to fit any lifestyle and budget. We customize undetectable soft lace fronts on our wigs and hair additions. If you only need a little bit of help we offer extremely light-weight hair extensions, links or grafts to give the confidence you need. Our newest fun hair addition allows you to add a bang without cutting your hair!

Instant and Cheap Gratification Toppic Tiny tinted fibers are restructured to merge undetectably with your hair. You will instantly see a fuller look that will give the confidence you can appreciate. Thickening Treatment Bio Therapy Shampoo This specially formulated shampoo provides strength, moisture, volume, and shine to all hair types, as well as color-treated hair. Vita Plus Conditioner A truly unique conditioner you actually apply to the scalp! It helps hair develop a thicker and fuller appearance from the hair follicle.

Head Wraps Standard hair loss headwear goes beyond the ordinary with our stylish, colorful, comfortable wraps, hats and turbans. Our collection is re- designed for you each season. Every item is designed especially for those with hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical hair loss.

Make an appointment with a hair loss control specialist to discuss your solution to hair loss. Hair loss doesn’t get better without help.