Hair Loss Thyroid Problem – How To Deal With Thyroid Hair Loss

Hair loss is always a major growing concern for an individual. Apart from lifestyle bad eating habits too much utilization of chemical products, stress, which is consider as external factors the inter factors also plays a vital role in hair loss. Internal factors can be considered as malfunctioning of certain body system. The body system that affects the most is thyroid. Since in the early stage of hair loss it is difficult to know the exact reason behind such a condition, but it is still advisable to undergo a proper thyroid check up. Improper functioning of thyroid gland affects the hair color, texture, health and growth. Quite often your hair dresser can suggest you to undergo a thyroid check up before you can even think of consulting a doctor. It is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you notice a remarkable hair loss. It’s always a nightmare to see hair loss or thin or brittle hair. With many products and treatment available you can certainly reduce the hair fall or can bring it to a complete stop.

During thyroid proper functioning of the hormonal imbalance which has incurred causes the hair to stay up in a longer period of dormancy. The dormancy leads towards stopped hair growth resulting into early death and fall of hair. Once the hair dies, they fall leading to great deal of hair loss.

Since thyroid proper functioning has some major effect, but medically the hair loss are not considered that harmful for any individual who is witnessing hair loss not only feels embrace socially, but also undergoes saddening experience. Since the doctor can only sympathies to your hair loss it is advisable to be well-aware of thyroid dis-functioning before undergoing any consultation. Proper knowledge would guide you toward proper treatment and procedure required, so that while consulting a doctor you can have more insight on this topic rather than getting a length lecture for the same. You can also think of second opinion if required.

Once diagnosed be well-aware about the medical prescribed. If no positive result are available even after consumption of medicines consider as it as a side-effect. If your hair gets brittle or thin you could be required to increase the doses of the medicines.

Early diagnosis and proper treatment of the thyroid gland can help fight the hair loss conditions. Next you should concentrate on your hair growth and thus maintaining the health of your present hair condition.

Some people who are having problems hair loss find that taking evening primrose oil helps. This is believed to be because evening primrose oil blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Vitamin supplements have been proven to have positive effects on patients. Vitamin B complex, vitamin C & E are often suggested by the doctors. One can also use vitamin hair oil on scalp.

Hair straightening instrument, hair dryer and even hair styling gels harms your hair, avoid or lessen the usage. Let your hair open free for sometime rather than tying them with a tight band and also don’t brush your hair when they are wet or with the force.