Gazebos And Pergolas Add Beauty To Your Garden

If you decide to add attractive gazebos and pergolas in your garden, it will give an exciting and beautiful look to your home garden. If these gazebos and pergolas are created, your garden will get an amazing look and probably, the market value of your property is likely to enhance.

Gazebos and pergolas help the plants to climb over them and give proper support for them to grow well, thereby giving a beautiful look to the surroundings with raised and colourful flowers. Pergolas and gazebos are made of different materials, such as timber and metals. These materials are also used to give support to the pergolas.

Description of Gazebos

Gazebos are usually built in the remote corner of the garden. In the past, gazebos were only meant for large gardens and they were used by the people, as a place to sit in a relaxed mood, and enjoy the outer surroundings, in the evenings. In general, gazebos are raised to a certain height to create a secluded place, to enjoy independence. The gazebos are built in the shape of a hexagon or octagon or circle with a provision of paved flooring. The roof of the gazebos is arranged to a height, more than the usual level, to enable the climbing plants to get proper support. Even though your garden is small, you can prefer building gazebos, as there is no such restriction, that only big gardens can have gazebos.

About Pergolas

If you are interested in gardening, you must be aware of pergolas. Pergolas are basically built by using horizontal timbers or wooden beams, which are supported by bricks, timber, stone pillar on a paved floor or on a grass surface. These self contained structures look like a tunnel for climbing crops. Pergolas are built in such a way that they act as connectivity, between two or more features, of your garden. Before constructing, you have to decide on the dimensions of the pergolas and the proper thickness of the supporting pillars, you are going to choose, whether timber or metal. Usually the material used to build pergolas are selected from pressure treated soft or hard timbers and metal. The metal has to be treated for rust, with a rust proof agent. You can also use non ferrous metals while building pergolas to get rid of rust problems.

Pergolas are not only meant for gardens, but also they can be built over your patio. The pergolas can be covered with climbing plants which spread the fragrance.