Did You Know That The Best Collagen Firming Lotion Should Not Contain Collagen

People spend millions of dollars every year in the pursuit of the Best collagen firming lotion. But do they find it? And who among us like to be old and suffer from the symptoms of aging skin like wrinkles, sags and uneven skin texture.

But they are not aware of certain basic facts. And they are not to be blamed for this. The companies that produce these so called “best collagen firming lotion”, do not want the consumers to know the reality behind the products.

Now, the scientific truth is that collagen is absolutely ineffective when it is present as an ingredient in any cream or lotion. The collagen molecule is simple too big to penetrate the skin through any topical application.

The uppermost layer of our skin called Epidermis just rejects outright this form of collagen.

Now, the best collagen firming lotion manufacturers sell these products to the consumers knowing well that these do not work as promised. But they still exploit the consumer’s ignorance for the sake of profits.

They work on the simple logic that if collagen is helpful in firming up the skin and improving its elasticity, then why not just add collagen directly as ingredient in their lotions and creams, and thats what the public also thinks at large.

But, as I mentioned the reason earlier why these best collagen firming lotion does not work. You can even confirm and ask a dermatologist or check any major reputed medical website to verify the facts.

Now that you know that collagen cannot be absorbed directly by our skin, so the question is then what is the best solution to get young, supple and soft skin.

The answer is to find a good anti aging skin care product that does not have collagen as key ingredient, but natural substances that assist our own body in its collagen production.

There are clinically proven natural substances which do just that. One of them is Cynergy TK. It is derived from the wool of a special species of New Zealand sheep.

Cynergy TK is made up of functional Keratin. This form of functional keratin is readily absorbed by our body, which leads to natural production of collagen and elastin proteins in our body.

It is relatively unknown to the big brands in the western world. Clinical trials have proven that Cynergy TK improves skin moisture retention amazingly fast. It also has been proven to improve skin elasticity by around 42% in an 18 day period.

The effects of such natural substances in stimulating natural collagen production in our body is enduring and long lasting. This is what gives us a young, vibrant and glowing skin naturally, and which the so called best collagen firming lotion won’t.

My website covers the extensive research that I have done over the years on such natural substances that work to nurture natural collagen building in the body, thus giving youthful skin naturally.