Development Of New Trends In Cosmetic Raw Materials

Hair conditioners and multi-functional cosmetic ingredients of natural products is the development of hot spots. U.S. sales of California requires all state mousse products, volatile organic compounds content of not more than 6%, the provision will encourage manufacturers create new formulations, to reduce the VOC content of products. BASF, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation, Croda, ISP, National Starch care products company, Rhodia, Rohm & Haas, Uniqema have launched a new product corresponding cosmetic materials.
After dyeing the hair easy to be damaged, dry, brittle, or even break off the hair. Some young people’s hair in their youth to suffer hair damage. Therefore, it is most every day for hair care. Prevent aging hair conditioner market is to promote one of the engines. In some cases, by UV radiation can cause yellowing hair, but also need to address the issue. From January 1, 2003 began, California Air Resources Board requires that all state mousse products for sale in volatile organic compounds (VOC) content shall not exceed 6%. Reduce the VOC content means that the manufacturer made a new formulation challenges. Limited to 6% VOC content of the regulations may lead to changes in California other than mousse formula. If the global mousse vendors to enter the U.S. market, then in California subject to the above regulations, constraints, they have to address the problem of reducing the VOC content in the mousse.
Consumers always want to keep their skin moist, nourished, soft, hair lubricated, comfortable, easy stereotypes, all of which rely on conditioning product realization. Conditioning is still an important trend in hair care. As technology advances, the market will emerge a better conditioning products. In hair care products, the consumers for their own hair products. Therefore, the formulation of development will focus on shampoo and hair conditioner separate product, rather than the combo products. In addition to conditioning ingredients, astaxanthin the shampoo and softener with oil production company is interested in cosmetics products, but these ingredients on product performance and viscosity of foam have a negative impact, if necessary, have to re-shampoo system to improve the viscosity and rheology.
Another development trend of cosmetic raw materials are multi-functional natural products. Consumers need to wet the skin and provide other effective functions of natural products. With anti-UV properties of skin care products personal care products industry is the fastest growing product, the current general trend is the development of broad spectrum UVA / UVB sun protection products.
Croda has introduced three new products: skin care products Crodasome Soyaglycon, the lecithin, soy isoflavones, multi-ethoxy ether, ethanol and water composition. The product is used as a skin activator isoflavone aglycone for lipid-based system. Aglycone is the active form of isoflavones, because estrogen can play a similar activity, so this material is well-known plant hormone. The product contains high concentrations of genistein (biologically active isoflavones), these ketones showed that inhibition of protein tyrosine kinase. The activity of estrogen and its combination of collagen on the skin may form a favorable impact, and can be used to treat problems caused by the hormonal skin aging. Genistein also promote lipolysis activity, tretinoin inhibit the development of adipose tissue, which can cure cellulite (obesity). hair used Keravis, the composition of hydrolyzed vegetable protein PG2 propyl silane triol, a compound to enhance the strength of the hair, can greatly improve the strength of damaged hair. This hydrolyzed vegetable protein and silicone copolymer compound with a dual role: the role of low molecular weight components by wetting can penetrate the cortex, plasticized hair, and high molecular weight components can be formed in the hair and wool pole film lubrication and the surface upright. The hair can enhance performance and reduce the extent of damage by chemicals. Incro2quat Beheny lMS250 (behent rimonium methosul2fate, cetyl alcohol and butanediol). The product of rapeseed oil from rapeseed, can be used in hair care and skin care products.