County Cork and Its Natural Beauty

County Cork is the largest county of Ireland and is rich in natural beauty and landscape. It offers world landscaping with a mixture of artistry, sophistication, and primitive bartering thrown in. It is also known as -The Real Capital of Ireland- by the local people and has very rich collection of old heritage beauty.

River Lee has a major contribution in the beauty of Cork. It divides itself in two channels at the western end of the city and converges back at the eastern end to give a very beautiful look to the geographical landscape of the county. At eastern end river Lee flows around the Lough Mahon to Cork Harbor that is one of the largest natural harbors of world.

Cork has a variable climate that can be very bad in raining season. But otherwise it has very pleasant climate. You can notice the change in climate between the city and at the airport as the airport is at some altitude then the city. This is also an interesting fact about the city. Cork offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Ireland. While traveling from east to west you will encounter beautiful small harbor towns, small inlets secluded coves and long sandy beaches that are the best place to relax. Cork is also very rich in heritage and has some world famous monuments that are visited by many tourists throughout the year. Blarney Castle, Bantry House Gardens, Fota wild life park, Dursey Island are some of the most visited places in the county. You can also enjoy these beautiful and historic places but for that just plan your next trip to Cork.

Cork has shown a steady growth in tourism in last few years. Due to this there is an increase in number of independent hotels in the city. Cork hotels are famous for their hospitality and services. You can get hotels from 5-satrs to 2-stars in the city and opt for the one according to your needs. Getting to Cork is also very easy as now there are many direct flights to Cork from many UK and European countries. So come to Cork once and get a lifetime experience.

Anurag Nair works as online marketing executive for Cork Hotels and writes on different spectrum of hotel business and Ireland.