Cosmetic Dentistry To Improve Teeth Color

The color of your teeth is very important for a perfect smile which shows your confidence. But there are several reasons that may cause your teeth color to change. The discoloration of your teeth may be due to staining, chemical damage caused, or aging. Coffee, tea, medications, or cigarettes are few of the most common factors that discolor your teeth. People with habits of drinking lots of cola or soft drinks are also prone to discoloration of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures however can renew the teeth color and rectify major dental flaws.

Besides staining there are some other factors that can influence your teeth color. Genes, for example, can influence the teeth color. Genetic influence may lead some people to have brighter enamel compared to others. A person may lose teeth color because of some disease also. If you fill that due to some underlying medical reason your teeth are getting discolored, you should immediately take help of cosmetic dentistry.

There is no standard system available in dentistry to estimate or determine your teeth color. Some shade guides are available which differentiate the teeth color into basic four shades like reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray, and reddish gray. Reddish brown range has five stages of darkness while reddish yellow, gray, and reddish gray have four stages.

All your teeth may not be of the same natural color. Normally your eye teeth are likely to be darker than your other teeth. The whitest teeth are your front teeth. The molars are likely to have a shade between these two.

There is no single right process to make your teeth whiter. Some people desire an immediate and remarkable change, while there are others who intend to have measured whitening with cosmetic dentistry process. The final results may vary according to the natural color of your teeth. The choice of treatment or the stubborn stains also influence your teeth color.

Many cosmetic dentistry experts claim that teeth whitening procedures lead to change in teeth color to even more than nine shades, however, change of two or three shades would make a significant difference in anybodys denture. Each cosmetic dentistry procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages. The costs also differ according to the procedure.

The traditional dentistry improves your oral hygiene, diagnoses the oral diseases, and makes treatment accordingly. But cosmetic dentistry helps to improve the look of your teeth, smile, and mouth. Unlike traditional dentistry, cosmetic dentistry offers elective treatments for your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry provides you the restorative benefits also. Dental fillings are very common process for treating the decayed teeth. The invention of composite materials or porcelain has made dental fillings closely match the natural teeth color unlike the previously used materials like amalgam or gold or silver.

The technological developments in tooth-colored materials have made the recent cosmetic dentistry more predictable and durable. Moreover, nowadays the dentists are offering more conservative cosmetic dentistry treatment options which preserve most of the normal tooth structure. Such facilities make cosmetic treatments like smile makeovers more convenient for the patients and also helps to reduce recovery time.