Cheap Hair Dryer Vs. Professional Hair Dryer

What does a cheap hair dryer have compared to a professional one? Sadly, not much. There are a few benefits of course, but it all depends on your personal styling needs. Lets have a look at some of the differences so that you can make your final decision.

Cheap hair dryers are available everywhere but not all of them are able to give you what you need. The best thing is to buy a professional hair dryer and avoid a potential mess. But lets talk about the benefits of a cheap hair dryer, one of the main ones being the low cost. You can find models like these for $15 and at the time it might seem like a bargain but just wait until you use them. Cheap hair dryers use cheaper heating elements made of plastic, and with frequent use they can burn out, and thats why the cost is this low. If you require a basic model for blow drying your hair occasionally then a regular hair dryer is fine. For regular hair dryer users, the best thing is a professional model.

Lets have a look at why you should avoid a cheap hair dryer when you need a model for regular use. The heating elements are nowhere near as healthy for your locks as professional, high quality ones and if you try using a cheap hair dryer frequently it will burn itself out or burn your locks first. You need a quality hair dryer if you want better results. Avoid hair dryers that lack heat settings, since the minimum should be three, one of them being the cool shot setting. If you simply want to use a good quality product, choose a professional hair dryer which uses ceramic, tourmaline or ionic technology to conserve your hairs health. If price isnt a problem for you, you should make this decision.

If your budget is quite limited and you dont need such a great hair dryer every day then you can choose a cheap hair dryer, since it wont be used regularly. The less you expose your locks to the sort of heat a cheap hair dryer offers, the better. Just remember, when you do use a cheap hair dryer, apply thermal protectants, conditioning serums, nourishing creams and other hydrating hair care products to your locks to minimize the damage and to nurture the strands.