Best Flat Iron For Damaged Hair

Fragile hair can be a real problem, and if you want to avoid chopping it all off but still need to look your best then your top priority when choosing a flat iron should be the quality and the amount of protection that it has to offer. The flat iron that offers this high level of protection is one that uses a combination of smooth ceramic and gentle tourmaline in its plates.

Ceramic on its own is impressively efficient and versatile, but combined with a superior material such as tourmaline enhance all of the qualities that make ceramic popular to produce a hybrid flat iron that is ultra-protective and incredibly efficient.

Ceramic and tourmaline flat irons are the best and safest for hair thanks to their combined technologies that shield your locks from heat damage. One of these technologies is far-infrared heating which seals in the natural moisture that gives hair a hydrated and replenished appearance by only heating the centre of the strand and not the delicate exterior layer that is easily damaged. Another is ionic technology that works with negative ions to neutralize frizz and repel humidity for sleek styles throughout the entire day. Not to mention that this beneficial component also cuts straightening time in half for less heat application and therefore less risk of damaging your locks.

This ionic technology makes tourmaline ideal for frizzy, thick and curly hair which are harder to tame. However, not only will wild hair types benefit from tourmaline as those with thin, fragile, colour dyed and chemically damaged hair will also love the gentle heating and long lasting styles that these irons produce. If your particular hair type hasnt already been mentioned then no need to worry, ceramic is the worldwide companion for all hair types thanks to its versatile uses so whichever type you may have and whatever style you want to create, ceramic will get the job done.

Now an important issue with flat irons that are intended for use on damaged hair is the quality of the plates, which should be 100% pure if they are to perform and protect as well as expected. A word of caution is to avoid colourful ceramic and tourmaline plates since the real colour of these materials is a dark grey, so anything other than this will be lesser quality and potentially harmful to your already sensitive locks. A personal recommendation is the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which is one of the few brands that actually use pure ceramic and tourmaline, along with a sleek and lightweight device that comes with the all-important adjustable heat setting and swivel cord. With such a high quality flat iron as this, youll never have to decide between a fantastic look and your hairs health ever again.