Basics of Botox, Injectables, and Cosmetic Facial Fillers

As time passes and we get older, our faces begin to show the negative effects of being exposed to the sun, gravity, and even all the years we have been using our facial muscles.

As you age, the muscles in your face which have always been strong start to break down. The result of this breakdown is lines and wrinkles which begin to show around your mouth, nose, and eyes where you have spent a lifetime of moving your muscles.

What are the most common fillers?

The cosmetic surgery industry has responded to people’s requests to help them alleviate these signs of aging by creating products known as injectables. Some of the most popular fillers on the market today go by the names Restlyane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Radiesse.

How do cosmetic facial fillers work?

Cosmetic facial fillers are injected just below the skin’s surface. They act to temporarily plump-up the skin where they have been injected. Facial fillers can also be injected into the lips and cheeks to add bulk to these areas as well.

What are your options for facial look improvement?

Facial fillers are perfect for areas where you simply want to improve the look of wrinkles or other lines on your face. Additionally, different injectables are a great way to help plump up your lips for a better appearance as well as to remove those irritating -lipstick lines- you get as you age.

If you need to improve creases which are caused by muscle movement, such as those which appear on your forehead or around your eyes, Botox is probably the best option.

If you have skin which sags, then you will likely want to have one of various facelift procedures rather than use the injectables.

What should you expect from treatments?

If you are looking to use an injectable product, it is important to understand that the treatment is not a permanent option such as a facelift. Facial fillers use materials which are eventually absorbed into the body and will have to be re-injected to continue to see results. You will be disappointed if you do not understand that the results of these injectables are temporary, lasting generally a few months to one year.

What are the risks of injectables?

The risks of injectable cosmetic fillers are relatively small as long as you have them injected by a qualified plastic surgeon. The most common side effect of the treatment is redness which can last for up to 5 days.

The rarer risks to consider are allergies, infection, abscess, skin peeling, scars and lumps.

How do you know if you are a candidate for injectables?

Generally, anyone can utilize cosmetic filler treatments other than those women who are pregnant, allergic to local anesthetics, or those people who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

How do I find a reputable plastic surgeon?

Any plastic surgeon who works on your body should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To find a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your local area you can contact your local hospital or call the American Board of Plastic Surgery directly.

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