Anti Aging With Resveratrol Trans Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a natural compound that can be found in different type of plant, berries, grapes and nuts. Resveratrol protects the plant from different kinds of threats such as bacteria and fungi. The French people, although they eat very fattening food, they stay slim and have less chance to experience heart attacks. In 2002 the average French consumed 102 grams of fat daily, while the American had only 92 grams of fat. But still, heart attacks rate in America is much higher than in France. Scientists believe that the reason for this phenomenon is red wine. French people usually drink one glass of red wine a day.

Red wine contains substantial amounts of resveratrol, unknowingly they consume Resveratrol which keeps them hale and hearty. The benefits of resveratrol (Trans resveratrol) Resveratrol is rich with anti oxidants. Anti oxidant help to fight free radical which are the enemy of the human body. Thanks to anti oxidant, the energy production process inside the cell is not interrupted and makes it more efficient. That is why people that use resveratrol regularly feel younger and powerful.

Experiments on lab rats showed that resveratrol integrates with multiple molecular targets, and had positive effects on the cells of breast, prostate, skin and colon. Scientists today believe that resveratrol is super efficient in preventing different type of cancer. One of the most unexpected effect of resveratrol was weight loss. Consumers that used resveratrol for 5 weeks reported that they experience a significant loss of fat. Thanks to its ability to increase metabolism resveratrol was indicated as a great natural way to lose weight.

The most amazing effect of resveratrol on the human body is life extension. In 2006 a group of Italian scientist gained the first positive results of resveratrol on different kind of animals such as fish. They used as short time living fish that its life span is around 9 weeks. They realized that by feeding the fish with resveratrol (Trans resveratrol), the median life span of the fish increased by 56%.

Additionally, fish that were fed with resveratrol (trans resveratrol) preformed better swimming abilities, and learning how to avoid an unpleasant stimulus. Although such experiments conducted on animals only, scientists believe that the same effects that resveratrol (Trans resveratrol) had on the animals, will be the same on humans.

Red wine is a good source of resveratrol but it is not enough. You will have to drink hundreds of glasses a day to feel any change. Red wine contains large amount of calories and alcohol, which can make you feel dizzy, can cause headaches and damage the liver.

Due to our technology today scientist have found a sophisticated way to isolate and condense resveratrol (trans resveratrol), without damaging it’s amazing health benefits into small capsules that anyone can consume. Consumers that do not want to deal with the consequences of drinking alcohol can enjoy the healthy benefits of resveratrol (Trans resveratrol) by taking small capsules every day

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