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For many men and women who are experiencing menopause or andropause, the treatment was fairly limited in the past. Now, with bioidentical hormones the Pandora’s box has been opened. There are many women who have passed the menopause and suffered through a variety of physical and emotional problems during this period. Symptoms such as headaches, flushing, weight gain, night sweats, dry skin or loss of libido are common and very unpleasant. These symptoms can last from 2-5 years.

There’s no need to go through this agony. Bioidentical Hormone Los Angeles replacement therapy is widely used in Europe for the treatment of women and men who have sex hormones decrease. There is much evidence and clinical reports that show that short-term use of bioidentical hormones is safe and effective.

Bioidentical hormones are similar to natural hormones produced in the body, with the only difference is that bioidentical hormones are extracted from certain plants. Unlike many synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Should I take bioidentical hormones personal decision? There are some simple saliva and blood tests that can quickly tell if the sex hormones are low. If you have symptoms of menopause, or andropause, then visit a doctor who deals with bioidentical hormone therapy is recommended.

The great thing about these hormones is that they can be customized for each person. After the reduced deficit is determined by sex hormones, the doctor may write a prescription for the exact dosage required. The pharmacist can then mix bioidentical hormones in appropriate dosages.

To Date, most experts agree that bioidentical hormones in the short term are safe. May even protect against osteoporosis and heart attacks. Unimpeded estrogens in postmenopausal women may cause breast and uterine cancer. All women who intend to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy los angeles should have a detailed discussion of this topic with your doctor. There is also extensive information on the internet on this topic.

Although these hormones can be bought without a prescription in other parts of the world (eg Mexico), this should be avoided. Quality and quantity of bioidentical hormones in doubt and cannot always be verified.

In the U.S., bioidentical hormones fairly readily available but require a prescription. Many alternative healthcare practitioners recommend these products. In the end, it’s a security issue. As more studies become available, more doctors have learned that bioidentical hormones are just as safe as any other drug, as long as they are not abused or taken for a long time.