Advantage And Disadvantage Of Cosmetic Surgery

Many men and women consider getting plastic surgery due to many perceived

imperfections or flaws in their body. On the other hand there are also

some individuals who really need operations to improve and restore the

function and form of their bodies. There are so many advantages and

disadvantages under the different procedures that fall under it.

The biggest merit that can be attributed to any cosmetic operation is the

satisfaction and the joy that usually comes with a successful operation.

Most patients who go under the knife come out from the recovery period

satisfied and full of praise for their doctors. The improvement itself is

another physical and mental advantage that gives the patient much

confidence and eases her worries.

Plastic surgery also gives back, either fully or partially, the form and

function that a damaged organ or part of the body may have had. Many

deformed children and adults experience normalcy after reconstructive

procedures that are aimed to help them.

Despite the general optimism that patients usually have for their

procedures, there are risks that accompany these. The risks and

complications that can happen during and after the operation are some of

the biggest disadvantages of plastic surgery. During surgery, the patient

can bleed excessively or react adversely to the anesthetic used on her.

Cases like these can basically escalate to a dangerous situation that may

turn out fatal or dangerous for the patient. Other disadvantages of the

procedure are the dissatisfaction that comes when the patient has high

expectations that are not met by the operation. This is where it is

emphasized by the doctors that the patient should not have unrealistic

expectations regarding the changes that the surgery can bring.

Overall, plastic surgery is safe but it is expensive. If your only option

to fix a problem is plastic surgery then it is well worth the money. For

example, a lot of women who experience stretched skin from pregnancy opt

in for tummy tucks to fix the problem because they cannot fix it on their

own. Or if you have been in an accident and you need reconstructive

surgery to fix injuries you have obtained, it may be well worth the

money. But, if you are having self confidence issues plastic surgery may

not be worth the money.

The overall advantages of any cosmetic procedure are greater than the

disadvantages. This is probably because many of the disadvantages can be

prevented avoided through modern medicine. Tests and screenings can also

help to establish if the person is a viable candidate to undergo certain

operations. Advancement in medicine and science has made so many

procedures safe and reduced the risks of some.